Chapter Officers

small b&W 2013


Ronald Lockett, II

Vice Polemarch

Michael Garner

Keeper of Records

Michael Allen

Keeper of Exchequer

Hendrix Nelson

Asst. Keeper of Records & Exchequer

Rev. Johnnie Simpson Jr.


James Gobert

Lieutenant Strategus

Nico Cousby


Lawrence Williams


Joseph L. Polk

At Large Board Members
Ferrial Jackson
Rodney Heath
Nate Jackson
James Wilson

Immediate Past Polemarch
Bennie Childs, III

Board of Directors
Executive Officers + 4 At-Large + Immediate Past Polemarch


Notable HAC Members

Past Grand Polemarch

W. Randy Bates, Esq.

Grand Board Member

Ronald V. Julun

Past SWP Polemarch

Timothy F. Albert

51st Laurel Wreath Laureate

Dr. Bernard A. Harris

58th Laurel Wreath Laureate

Dr. Bobby L. Wilson

72nd Elder Watson Diggs Awardee

Judge Carl Walker, Jr.

90th Elder Watson Diggs Awardee

Willie High Coleman, Jr., Esq.

2005 Guy L. Grant Awardee

Olaolu Davies-Balogun

Past Grand Strategus

Damon Mattox

Laurel Wreath Commission Chairman & SWELTF President

Willie H. Coleman, Jr., Esq.

National MTA Committee SWP Chairman & TNMKC Chairman

Ray Haze

SWP Kappa Kamp Chairman

Vernon J. Rush

ECFOH President

Mike Adkinson

Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation Board of Directors
Michael Adkinson
Willie High Coleman, Jr., Esq.
Vernon J. Rush
Clayton Whitaker


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