Kappa Kamp


It was founded in 1909 Brother Lawrence Clifton Jones, The Piney Woods School is one of only four historically black boarding schools remaining in the United States. It is a school rich in history and cultural activities, while at the same time keeping abreast of implemented, researched program trends that can improve achievement for its historically African American male and female student body. Since 1986 The Piney Woods School’s Summer Enrichment Camp, Kappa Kamp, has been providing students with the opportunity to acquire skills through intensive workshops. Students may choose from a number of enrichment camps and classes, as well as attend a variety of cultural and recreational activities, arts and crafts workshops, field trips and educational lectures. Work, fun and more all take place within a safe country setting located in the piney woods of Mississippi.

The primary objectives of the enrichment camps are to: Provide enrichment activities for students in grades 6 – 10. Motivate students to seek higher levels of achievement. Expose students to activities rich in cultural information and experience. Develop students’ reading, writing and speaking skills while involved in each workshop. Provide experiences that focus on science, technology and survival. Provide a Christian atmosphere for human growth and development, character education and citizenship in an ethical environment. Attendance at The Piney Woods School’s Enrichment Camp, Kappa Kamp, also provides an opportunity for potential students to experience the school’s environment and programs prior to regular school enrollment. If you are interested in your child attending The Piney Woods School in the fall, applying early is crucial, as dormitory space is limited. Students must meet admission criteria prior to acceptance. Students admitted have demonstrated a commitment to getting a good education.


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